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our mission

The attorney you need at the time you need it

We understand that if you are seeking an attorney you have likely just experienced a life-changing event or anticipate one in the near future. Whether you are dealing with property issues, buying a house or dealing with the death of a loved one, we are here for you. Our team of experienced lawyers will help you through your experience. Our commitment to giving you the respect you deserve starts with transparency and communication. We strive to make sure you are informed so you can make the choices best for you. We are here for you at MG Law and our team will work hard to exceed your expectations.




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Estate Planning

We charge less than many on-line legal websites for estate planning documents!


Free Consultation – you only pay for the documents we prepare for you, with no extra charge for a notary.


Meet with a local experienced estate attorney.


We even do house calls for an extra $50.00 (within a 5 mile radius).


We can do tele-consults as well for no extra charge!

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Have an issue? Get in Touch!

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785 15h Street, Office 478 Berlin

    Highly recommended. I had a good experience and outcome with my difficult case thanks to the great lawyers of your firm! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Linda Moore

    Office Manager

    I would recommend The Robertson Law office to anyone. The staff did a great job. Attorneys worked till the result, providing the professional support.

    Helen Gordon

    Business Owner

    I was very pleased with the documentary services provided by The Law Office Robertson. Many thanks to the team of attorneys, it was a successful experience.

    Anna Lee


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